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The material of the water jet cutting abrasive

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Abrasives have a great influence on the function of the high-pressure water jet cutting,the selection of the abrasive directly affects the cutting speed and the quality of the cut surface. 
There are many varieties of abrasives in theory. According to the origin, it can be divided into natural abrasives and artificial abrasives. Natural abrasives are made by crushing and screening minerals in nature. They are usually easy to get and have many impurities, but they are cheap. Secondly, artificial abrasives are chemically smelted, with high purity and good function, but the production skills are complicated and the price is expensive.
 The chemical name of garnet sand: aluminosilicate, which is made of garnet mine, and refined according to modern skill branch. They have features of good self-sharpening,high grinding effect of artificial, lower abrasive consumption,good smoothness of the grinding parts, 

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