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The application and advantage of water jet cutting

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Waterjets are used in a wide range of applications, from metal materials to non-metallic materials, from natural materials to artificial materials, from food to household goods, and can be cut with the "universal cutting machine". 
The main application areas are: 
1, Ceramics, stone and other building materials processing. 
2, Glass products processing, such as glass parts cutting, architectural decoration, craft glass in home appliances.
3. Cutting of metal sheet in the machining industry. 
4. The signage and art pattern cutting of the advertising industry. 
5, Versatility, almost all materials can be cut. 
6. The waterjet cutting is cold-cut, which does not produce thermal effects, no deformation, no slag, no ablation, and does not change the physical and chemical properties of the material.
 7, Small slits, coupled with the characteristics of cooling and cutting, can improve material utilization. 
8. The cutting medium is only water and natural abrasive, and no other substances are produced during the cutting process. It is a clean and environmentally friendly cutting process. 
9. After cutting, the cutting surface is neat and smooth, and will not cause any damage to the object to be cut during the cutting process, and can be used for cutting operations that cannot be realized by many cutting tools.

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