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Common applications of cnc waterjet cutting machine

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Automotive, aerospace, stone and ceramic, tool and die, manufacturing or processing plants, can be 400mm thick metal, stone, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics or rubber cutting.
Waterjet cutting method also includes food production industry. The most common applications include cutting pizza, cakes, meat, fish, chocolate bars, potato chips and frozen food. Food processors mainly for health reasons before choosing waterjet cutting methods. During the cutting process, the food is only in contact with water, therefore, there is no risk of contamination of a type tools like knives caused. During the cutting process, neither the food is heated, do not contact with any chemical. Waterjet machining range is really too broad: steel, copper, aluminum, brass, titanium, bronze, carbon fiber, Kevlar, Inconel alloys, composite materials, circuit boards, metal alloys, glass, acrylic glass, stone, marble, tile, ceramic, tile, porcelain, wood, leather, rubber, plastics, asbestos, carpet, foam, paper and food .......

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