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Waterjet metal cutting machine EK3020

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Product description:
Water jet is kind of using high pressure water cutting machine, belong to the category of could cutting, has the avantage such as compact structure, no sparc and not produce thermal deformation or heat effect. A high pressure water jet cutting machine is a tool used for slicing metal and other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure. Featuring a low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability, our water jet cutting machine has been used in a variety of applications, including mining, automobile manufacturing, paper manufacturing, food, art and architecture. Water jet machines can be used to cut rubber, foam, plastic, composite, stone, tile, marble, glass and other materials.
• 50 HP High 420 MPa pressure for smooth finish cutting at high speed.
• Main heart of Supercharger, "Intensifier" is "Made in USA".
• User friendly & minimum maintenance cutting head design with USA make "Water Switch Seal Kit" & other parts.
• All parts of machine are processed on Highly accurate YASKAWA servo motor (made in Japan). Which gives you trouble free operation & long life of parts.
• Use special water cutting machine software, a day to achieve a comprehensive grasp
•Non-standardized model design customization,Customizable submersible adjustable water level platform, equipment working noise is lower than 75Db.
Parameters of waterjet cutter EK3020

Model EK3020
X Y axis Working size 3000*2000mm
Z working height 150mm
Max Pressure 380 Mpa UHP pump
Control accuracy 0.01mm
Cutting accuracy 0.1-0.2mm
Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Max cutting thickness 100mm
Max. moving speed 6000mm/min
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Environmental temperature -10-50°C
Control system Ncstudio (Shanghai) software IPC controller
CAD/CAM software AutoCAD,ArtCAM
Drive motor Japan Yaskawa servo drive motor
Transmission Taiwan ABBA

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