Jinan Sino water jet cutting machine

Manufacturer of water jet cutting machine,water jet cutter,cnc router,laser machine.They were widely used for cuttng marble,granite,glass,stainless steel,aluminum,foam and other materials.Also popular in woodworking,wood door and furniture processing,laser cutting and engraving works.

Jinan Sino water jet cutting machine

Sino water jet cutting machine

Sino water jet cutting machine with Gantry structure,high accuracy and

Sino water jet cutting machine

Sino waterjet cutting machine SN1020

Sino waterjet cutting machine SN1020 is suit for cutting marble,granite,glass,stainless steel,aluminum,foam and other materials.

Sino waterjet cutting machine SN1020

Water jet machine cutting glass

Water jet cutting machine on glass

Water jet machine cutting glass

Sino water jet cutter

Jinan Sino water jet cutting machine.SN1515 is sut for cutting marble,stone,metal,glass and other hard materials.

Sino water jet cutter

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Waterjet cutter SN1515

Product Numbers:SN1515

Product description:China Cantilevered water jet cutter forSN1515 for cutting metal,aluminum,stainless steel,marble,stone,granite,ceramic,glass and other metarials.


water jet cuttr,waterjet cutting machine

China water jet cutting machine was suit for cutting marble,stone,granite,ceramic,glass,stainless steel and other metarials.It is widely used in marble mosaic,glass cutting,metal cutting area

Water jet cutting machine SN1515 was equipped with cantilevered platform.it is more convenient to load/unload workpiece.and suitable for 3 directions loading.lt avoid the limit of gantry type which can only load on ends of Y axis.

The cantilevered platform can save space and easy to maintenance.More,it save one side parts of Y axis.so with lower price than Gantry.Cantilevered platform is more suit for worktable less than 2000mm width.

Feature of CNC waterjet cutter SN1515:

1,Special protective cover design which makes the machine more durable and with beautiful appearance.

2,Japan servo motor and imported transmission guide rail with accurate positioning and smooth operation,ensure the accuracy in processing.
3,The working size and worktable can be made according to customers’ special order. Non-standard platform and tooling are

4,IPC control based on Windows XP,friendly and easy to operate.

5,Recommended-- Cantilevered waterjet cutting machine platform is save space,practical and economica.



Processing size



Main Motor

Cutting precision

Power supply

Repeat positioning











Structure type

Cantilevered cutting platform

Max. Traverse speed


Cutting Precision

0.1mm,Repeat positioning precision:0.02mm


Imported zero clearance ball crew and line rail imported from Taiwan

Driver motor

Japan YASKAWA AC servo (Ac Motor)


Auto concentrate lubricating system

Main motor


Power supply


High-pressure Intensifier

Own brand or imported KMT

Waterjet cutting

head Orifice

0.17mm  /0.25mm/0.30mm/0.33mm/0.36

Control system

WeiHong(Shanghai) software,can read the drawings very fast and easy operate

CAD/CAM software