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Why Choose Us

Why choose EAAK water jet cutting machine?
1.High quality.
The components we use is from high level suppliers, which can guarantee the stable working and long life use time.
The no troubleshorting working time can be over 1000 hours
Can guarantee the cutting accuracy 
2.Easy operation  marble cutting machine
Professional cnc water jet cut cnc ceramic tile cutter software, no need G code program, you only need to know the use of AUTOCAD
3.New function development  
We work to develop new products to update the function of machine, for short time, we reserch the loading system, height tracking system, wireless handle, four-axis cutting head.
4.Favorable spare parts price and supply on time.
When your machine need spare parts to work, we will act quickly, and guarantte the machine work continuously. 
5.After sale service
Professional service team and 24 hours online to solve your problems, give quick and professional guide.