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How to set the cutting seam compensation for the water cutter.

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When the waterjet cutting machine cuts, the trajectory of the cutting according to the numerical control instruction is the theoretical size, and there is a slight offset in the actual cutting size. This is because there is a kerf during cutting, and the kerf is the loss part during cutting, so if Without geometric compensation, the actual cut size of the outer contour portion of the part will become smaller and the inner contour size will become larger (the bilateral just happens to be the difference between the slit width and the one-sided phase difference kerf).
For example, if we want to cut a circular workpiece of φ100mm, the diameter of the water beam is φ1m, then the cutting trajectory of the waterjet is cut according to a circular trajectory with a diameter of φ101mm (the cutting trajectory is the trajectory of the center of the cutting water beam, CAD The motion coordinate indicated by the G code generated in the /CAM software is the coordinate of the cutting motion trajectory), instead of the circle of φ100mm: if the motion trajectory is φ100mm, the diameter of the finally cut workpiece is only φ99mm, and the peripheral ratio is φ100mm. A cutting radius (ie, the radius of the cutting water jet) is reduced. In order to compensate for this less cutting radius, in the CAD/CAM software, it is necessary to add a cutting radius to the workpiece size based on the workpiece size (if it is a cutting hole, A cutting radius, which is called a radius compensation, should be subtracted so that the workpiece can be machined to the final size.
 The water cutting machine should pay attention to the following points when setting the kerf compensation:
1. After the software compensation is set, it is generally not necessary to compensate on the CNC system. Otherwise, the compensation repeat size will be biased again, but if the software compensation is still a little bit after cutting, it can be compensated by the numerical control system.
2. If the compensation is through the CNC system, the compensation amount should be set to zero in the software.
3. If you are not sure how much size should be compensated, you can cut a rectangle on the scrap and measure the actual size and programming size to calculate the required compensation amount.
4. The water cutting machine numerical control system is more difficult to deal with the compensation of small arcs. If the arc is smaller than the compensation radius, it cannot be cut out, and it cannot be compensated correctly (the theoretical radius becomes negative). Consider modifying the part drawing or considering software compensation to find the problem in time.

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