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5 axis water jet cutting machine

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5 axis water jet cutting machine is suitable for cutting marble,granite mosic,ceramic tile and other thick materials and guarantee the cutting edge is with the right angle what customer needed.We have AC 5 axis cutting head and AB 5 axis cutting head for customer to choose.
AC axis waterjet cutting head AB 5 axis waterjet cutter head
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The EK 5X-AC five-axis cutting system adds an A-axis (rotation around the X-axis, ie yaw angle) based on the standard three-axis (X-axis Y-axis Z-axis). The C-axis (rotates around the Z-axis, ie rotates) Axis), can achieve large angle yaw, the maximum yaw angle can reach 75 °, Z-axis stroke is equivalent to the standard waterjet. At present, the five-axis system popular in the international market is AC five-axis. The EK5X-AB five-axis water cutting system is a solution provided by Hyde for the high-quality ceramics, the stone-decoration industry, the reverse skew and the non-ferrous metal vertical precision cutting industry. By changing the inclination angle of the cutting head in the horizontal and vertical directions at the same time, the arbitrary angle control of the cutting head can be realized, and the maximum inclination angle is 8 degrees, and the angle can be finely adjusted according to different requirements to realize precise cutting of various materials.
1,,Unique high-pressure pipeline built-in design, innovative breakthrough, no obstacles in the movement of the cutter head, the maximum yaw angle can reach 75°.
2,EAAK's original rotary joint design facilitates the replacement of accessories, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.
3,The fixed rotary joint and the high-pressure pipe support structure ensure that the rotary joint is stably rotated by the shaft center to prolong the service life.
4,The operating software post processing is compatible with the European IGEMS CAM software, enabling simultaneous 2D and 3D cutting.
5,The imported high-precision servo motor and reducer replace the costly hollow core motor, reduce the volume, reduce the motor power and save energy.
6,The exterior is industrially designed and highly technical. The overall shape of the cutter head is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It is light in weight and high in strength. It does not increase the load on the X-axis aluminum beam and has high cutting precision.
1. Using the AB axis structure, the CNC five-axis linkage is realized.
2. It adopts imported reducer, few parts, simple and beautiful structure, easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to maintain.
3. The use of Yaskawa servo motor effectively improves the accuracy of cutting and control.
4. Without the use of rotary joints, the number of wearing parts is greatly reduced, and the user's use cost is reduced.
5. The integrated dustproof sealing structure improves the service life of the equipment.
6. Original imported linear guide and screw lifting structure make the whole cutter head more stable and reliable.
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Parameters of CNC waterjet cutter working on different materials such as glass,metal,stone(as follows)
Materials     Thickness    Cutting speed (mm/min)
380Mpa 420Mpa 600Mpa
Normal glass cutting 6 mm 1400-1500 2100-2250 2520-2700
8 mm 690-800 1035-1200 1242-1440
19mm 400-500 600-750 950-1150
Granite panel cutting 20mm 260-300 390-450 468-540
30mm 170-200 255-300 306-360
Porcelain tile cutting 10mm 900-1000 1350-1500 1620-1800
Marble panel cutting 10mm 600-900 900-1350 1080-1620
20mm 350-400 526-600 630-720
30mm 260-300 390-450 468-540
Laminating glass cutting 21mm 490-600 735-900 882-1080
Sponge and foam cutting 20mm    6000-7000       9000-10500       10800-12600   
50mm 2600-3000 3900-4500 4680-5400
80mm 1600-2000 2400-3000 2880-3600
Steel plate cutting 10mm 170-220 255-330 306-396
20mm 75-100 113-150 135-180
30mm 15-30 22-45 27-54
Stainless steel plate cutting 1 mm 1000-1200 1500-1800 1800-2160
3 mm 500-600 750-900 900-1080
6 mm 240-300 360-450 432-540
10mm 150-180 225-270 270-324
16mm 85-100 128-150 153-180
20mm 70-80 105-120 126-144
30mm 30-40 45-60 54-72
Copper plate cutting 3 mm 1350-1500 2025-2250 2430-2700
5 mm 700-850 1050-1275 1260-1530
20mm 160-200 240-300 288-360
30mm 100-120 150-180 180-216
Titanium alloy cutting 13mm 100-115 150-173 180-207

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