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Servo direct drive waterjet pump

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The direct drive waterjet pump, also known as the three-cylinder pump, as the name implies, directly drives the crankshaft with three pistons to rotate, resulting in super high water pressure. Now it has matured and occupied a significant weight in the water cutting industry. More than 20% of the waterjets in the market use direct drive.
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Technical Parameters
Name Servo Direct Drive Waterjet Pump
Model EK-SOD 20
Maximum pressure 60000 Psi (413.8Mpa)
Continuous work pressure  46000 Psi-55000 Psi (320-380Mpa)
Diameter of nozzle aperture 0.3mm (0.012inch)
Maximum gemstone aperture  0.33mm (0.013inch)
Maximum drainage 3.5L/min
Inlet pressure 0.4Mpa
Main motor power 15kw (20Hp)
Power supply 380V AC 50/60Hz 3phase
Pump size 1600*800*900mm
Crankcase drive system Three-cylinder crankshaft linkage structure
Ultra-high pressure boosting system High pressure cylinder, ceramic piston rod, high pressure seal, low pressure seal, high pressure pipeline, check valve
Double row water filtration system 5 Micron 1micron series
Fully automatic servo control system output pressure control mode, intelligent start and stop function.
Overpressure automatic shutdown and undervoltage automatic protection

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