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Each of the features of waterjet cutting offers different benefits to the user, and these are the advantages of the water cutting process, which is when it is compared with wire cutting, milling, arc cutting and flame cutting, water cutting Uniqueness will be more obvious.
Water cutting cutting direction is not limited, so you can complete a variety of cutting shape; in the cutting process, water cutting water produced by the horizontal and vertical forces are very small, which reduces the set time and the use of clip rule With the cost of a great role.
Sometimes, a single set water cutting machine, you can complete the drilling, cutting and other different processes to achieve the time and cost reduction; cutting does not produce thermal effects, deformation, cracks and other defects, so no secondary processing, comparison save costs.
In addition, the water cut the relatively small incision, greatly reducing the waste of materials; and once to complete the cutting of the work piece and has a good trimming quality. These are water cutting favored by the user.
Compared with the wire cutting, wire cutting, although accurate but the cutting speed was significantly slower, and the need for conductive material and generate thermal effects, are to be improved aspects. If the ratio with the milling, but also water cutting is more dominant, because it does not like milling all the metal grinding into pieces.
But also water jet cutting and arc cutting and flame comparison, it is clear that the latter is a thermal processing process, will produce thermal effects of finished products. And the surface treatment of water cutting is usually better, to avoid the waste of materials.

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