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Buy water jet machine from China or local?

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"I need a water cutting machine to cut stone,glass and metal materials,shall I buy from China or buy from local?I need a suggestion." Ok,it is a good question and easy to have answer--certainly buy from China is a better choice.Nowadays the chinese water jet cutting machine are very experienced and the quality are trustworthy.At the same time the cost is lower than buying from local.Not only the chinese labor salary are cheaper,the chinese national policy and business environment makes the chinese company with lower operating cost.
In the recent years chinese internation trade has rapid development especially in cnc machinery.There are many high quality CNC machine manufacturer and professional international specialist engaged in import and export business.Shandong EAAK Machinery is one of the top members.
Based on the current exchange rate between US dollors and RMB,Aug - Oct are the gold period for purchasing waterjet and laser cutting machine from China.Certainly these three month are the high season in the traditional sense.

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