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How to replace and install the water cutting machine sand pipe

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Whether the sand pipe is installed correctly or not directly affects its service life and workpiece cutting effect.
2,Clamping sleeve, sand tube, gem nozzle.
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Method / Step of replace water jet machine sand pipe:
1,Use a wrench to loosen the lock nut, install the gemstone nozzle, turn on the machine, then check whether the gemstone installation is correct, if the waterjet line is vertical and not scattered, you can install the sand tube; if the water flow from the gem is dispersed, adjust the gland nozzle installation orientation. Or replace the gemstone, only the water pipe can be installed until the water line is vertical.
2,After installing, start the test machine. If the water column is vertical, it will be OK. If the water column is scattered, please adjust the installation direction and depth of the sand pipe. Replace the lock nut and clamping sleeve.
3,Check the power on, if the water column is still scattered, please replace the new sand tube.
water jet cutting machine sand pipe installation

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