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Portable water cutting machine features and advantages

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In industrial production,the waterjet cutter is a commonly used cutting device. Usually used to cut a variety of metals and non-metals. Under normal circumstances, the CNC waterjet is placed indoors and is equipped with a cutting platform. The material to be cut is placed on the platform for cutting. However, in some special cases, it is desirable that the material to be cut is cut on the indoor waterjet platform, either in the industrial structure or in the field. In this case, the portable waterjet cutting machine came into being, and it was greatly promoted and applied in the short term, becoming a popular cutting device.
1.Waterjet cutting has material versatility and safety.Waterjet can cut a wide range of materials, metal or non-metal, metal or non-metal composite materials, such as concrete with steel, automotive tires with steel wire. In addition, the waterjet is cold-processed, and there is no open flame in the cutting process. It does not change the heat treatment characteristics of the material, and can be safely cut in the flammable and explosive places such as chemical industry. This is one of the reasons why waterjets are so popular.
2,Portable waterjet cutting equipment small size, low power consumption,no pollution.Portable waterjet, through the improvement of ordinary waterjet, eliminating the CNC cutting platform, replaced by the design of different shapes of special portable track, waterjet cutting Walking out of the original fixed processing location, you can go to the scene to cut objects of different shapes and different spatial positions. Portable waterjets are also optimized for electrical power, making them easy to use in the event of insufficient power.
3, Portable waterjet can cut straight lines,curves,openings,bevels,other common portable waterjet cutting applications are conveyor pipeline maintenance, chemical tank opening, dismantling and so on. As the application of portable waterjets continues to expand, the portable track of portable waterjets is constantly being upgraded. At present, the BTECH portable waterjet produced by Nanjing Bitong Technology can easily open or cut large tanks on large tanks for transportation, or cut the existing large pipelines for re-welding.
As can be seen from the above points, the main reason for the popularity of portable waterjets is the wide applicability, safety, and integration of the waterjet itself. These features are safer than other traditional flame cutting and plasma cutting, and are the best choice for chemical, flammable and explosive applications, as well as composite outdoor cutting.

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