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Application of high pressure water jet on cleaning

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Ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning technology is a high-tech technology developed internationally in recent years. This technology mainly uses the kinetic energy of high-speed water jet to strip the surface stubborn. It uses water as a medium to pass diesel units or motor units. Drive a large flow supercharger, pressurize the water to a pressure of 94,000 PSI (648 Mpa), and then eject it through a plurality of jewel nozzles arranged in a circle. The nozzle is driven by oil pressure or air pressure to form a multi-beam, multi-angle, and strength. Different ultra-high pressure rotating water jets. Ultra-high pressure cleaning of surfaces that need to be cleaned, scale and deposits in equipment, and plugging. The system is generally powered by a diesel unit, and only needs to provide a water source to operate. Therefore, the maneuverability is strong, and the vehicle can be easily realized or made into an ultra-high pressure cleaning vehicle. Regardless of the scale deposits, ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning technology can solve these problems and completely remove the dirt, leaving a clean, smooth surface. It is much faster than manual cleaning and does not require chemicals, solvents or corrosives (and does not require costly safety measures at the same time) to make it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. "Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning equipment" and "Ultra high pressure water jet cutting equipment" belong to the specific application of "Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Technology", but the former has a large flow and low pressure.

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