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Similar and difference between pure water and sanding water

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The high-pressure waterjet cutting technology is the leader in various cutting technologies because of its simple operation, low cutting cost, high cutting precision and wide cutting range. It is a cutting tool widely praised by users. Waterjet sand pipe is an important accessory of waterjet cutting machine. It is the obvious difference between pure waterjet cutting and sanding waterjet cutting. It also makes these two similar cutting methods have similarities and differences.
Pure water waterjet cutting is a more traditional and original water cutting method. It plays a very wide role in cutting disposable diapers, paper towels, fine jewelry and other fields.
There are many people who may wonder how water cutting can cut dry diapers and paper towels? This is because the water jet tells the water flow at a relatively fast speed when it is cut, and the water vapor generated during the action is less than the water vapor generated when we touch the material.
The water flow generated by the waterjet cutting is very thin, and the diameter is generally 0.10mm. Combined with the high-speed water flow, it can produce extremely high precision cutting effect. Pure water waterjet cutting has less material loss and can save production costs. In addition, the speed generated by the waterjet cutting is extremely fast, so the cutting speed is increased, thereby improving the cutting efficiency.
There is no waterjet sand tube inside the pure water waterjet machine. It is mainly used to cut soft and light materials. The machine can be used fixedly and can maintain 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.
 The abrasive waterjet cutter cuts a waterjet sand pipe fitting more than the pure water waterjet cutter. Therefore, compared with the pure water waterjet cutter cutting, the waterjet flow increases the speed of the sand during cutting without causing erosion. Material problem. In addition, the energy released by the waterjet is thousands of times that of a pure waterjet. Therefore, the abrasive waterjet is generally used to cut hard objects such as metal, ceramics, stone, composite materials, etc. Cutting effect. The water-jet water knife is widely used, and does not generate mechanical pressure during work. The material cut is extremely thin, the cutting surface is smooth and smooth, and it can be used for cutting of laminated materials, and the device replacement and the device are also convenient.
The same point as the pure water waterjet cutting is that both are cold cut, the cutting precision is very high, the loss of materials is very small, the operation is relatively simple, economical and practical.
It can be seen that the water knife cutting action range with the water jet sand pipe is higher than the ordinary pure water cutting method, and both are convenient to use. The same point of cost savings and high cutting accuracy.

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