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Portable water jet cutting machine for mixing abrasive in advance

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The water jet cutting machine usually combines the abrasive and the water flow in front of the nozzle. A valve is installed between the abrasive tank and the water pipe, and the abrasive in the abrasive tank is controlled by the valve to enter the water pipe, so that the abrasive and the water flow are mixed. However, the control of the sand valve It is separate from the water flow control system, sometimes it will be out of synchronization, and the water jet speed is different when cutting different materials, the water flow rate per unit time is different, and the abrasive input volume cannot be adjusted by itself according to the water flow rate. For this reason, we propose a Mix the abrasive in advance with a portable water jet cutting machine.
Pre-mixed abrasive portable water jet cutting machine is to pre-mix abrasive and water, pressurize and deliver it to the cutting nozzle to produce a high-speed solid-liquid mixed jet. Strong cutting ability, low working pressure required.
1. The portable waterjet cutting machine with mixed abrasive in advance has unique cold cutting characteristics, which is fast, safe, efficient, and can be quickly transferred to work in various environments. It can eliminate static electricity and micro-spark particles during the cutting process, so it is in dangerous goods It plays an important role in the field of disposal of waste and old explosives and in rescue and barrier-breaking work.
2. The appearance design and structure are small and beautiful, easy to carry, flexible and convenient to use. It can cut different objects, such as pipes, flat objects, etc. 

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