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Does the waterjet cutting machine need to use fixtures and punching?

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If you want to use a waterjet cutting machine for cutting, there are a few points to remind you. One is about the fixing problem of the waterjet cutting machine when cutting, and the other is the hole punching problem before cutting by the waterjet cutting machine. How to deal with it correctly There are corresponding regulations.
1. Does the waterjet cutting machine need to be fixed with a clamp when cutting the workpiece?
From a mechanical point of view, the material only bears the force in the vertical direction during the cutting process of the waterjet cutting machine, while the force in the horizontal direction is very small, which shows that there is no need to fix it with a large fixed fixture. When the material is relatively light, you only need to press it down with a heavy object to avoid adverse effects on the cutting accuracy due to backwashing water.
Unless you want to cut in the same position for a long time, you can use a clamp to fix it, on the one hand for cutting accuracy, but also for extending the service life of the equipment.
2. Does the water jet cutting machine need to punch holes before cutting the workpiece?
This is also a headache for users, but it is actually very simple. When the waterjet cutting machine cuts the material, it does not need to be punched in advance. During cutting, the water jet will automatically penetrate the material before cutting.
This has a lot to do with the excellent performance and powerful functions of the waterjet cutting machine, because the waterjet cutting machine is a kind of equipment controlled by the CNC numerical control system. You only need to compile the corresponding program to build a foundation. Complete various tasks quickly.
3. Intelligent control of water jet cutting machine
The waterjet cutting machine has not been able to realize automatic production, and at the same time it is still developing towards intelligence. The use of intelligent and high-precision five-axis linkage control system is a great proof. Make the whole waterjet cutting machine have good quality and stability, and fully guarantee the cutting quality. 

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