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Application of water jet in the field of cutting concrete

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Compared with the conventional method, the energy consumption of the jet is several hundred times to several times, reaching 180~4000GJ/m3. The test using 413MPa jet shows that when the nozzle moves relatively fast relative to the concrete specimen (up to .5m/s), even under the pressure of 413MPa, it cannot guarantee that the concrete is completely cut, only when the speed drops to 250mm/s , it can be seen that almost all the specimens are completely cut, and the quality of the cutting edge is also acceptable.
Concrete's distinctive properties made it difficult at the initial research stage. Because it is made of cement mortar and pebbles by stirring and solidifying, and some are reinforced with steel mesh. When the jet acts on it, the solidified cement mortar is easier to be eroded and cut, but the pebbles are different. If the pebble is broken from quartzite, its strength is 420MPa, and the pressure at the impact point must be above 8400~12600MPa to be effectively cut. Based on this, the research once focused on the application of water cannons, and the United States developed a water cannon to break concrete [I). Using high-pressure nitrogen to drive the booster piston, 328mL of pure water can be sprayed out through a nozzle with a diameter of 1~2.5mm at a peak pressure of 690MPa. Because the high-pressure gas compressor is used as the driving source and the gas storage bottle is used as the buffer, the working frequency of the water cannon can reach 8 times/min, and the peak value can reach 10 times/min. Tests show that when a nozzle with a diameter of 2mm is used and the peak pressure is 414MPa, the concrete can be continuously broken into pieces of 20cm×20cm×12.5cm; when the peak pressure is 380MPa, the concrete can be broken intermittently into pieces of 40cm×40cm~15cm. When the peak pressure is 420MPa, the concrete can be broken continuously. In recent years, abrasive wateret have been applied to concrete cutting. The test conducted by the United States using a 241.5MPa pressure jet and a nozzle with a diameter of 0.635mm [I) shows that when moving at a speed of 0.4mm/s and the abrasive flow root is 72g/s, a groove with a depth of 380mm and a surface of 75mm can be cut in the concrete. The following steel bars with a diameter of 10mm are cut at one time; when the moving speed is 1.3mm/s, the steel bars with a surface below 127mm can only be partially cut; when moving at a speed of 25mm/min, the abrasive flow is 36g/s, and two 18mm steel bars can be cut at one time 250mm thick cement blocks of diameter steel bars, one of which is 75mm below the surface and the other 175mm below the surface. Tests also show that garnet is more efficient than silica or corundum, with the best cutting efficiency at 68g/s abrasive consumption, but reducing it to 38g/s only reduces efficiency by 11%. The comparison of cutting performance of different abrasives in Japan found that [I), the efficiency of iron filings is higher than that of alumina. big. The test was carried out under the pressure of 214MPa and the water flow was 15L/min. They also found that because alumina particles are brittle and hard, they are brittle after impact, while iron filings remain sharp after impact and are more worthy of recycling.

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