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Application of water cutting machine in cutting rubber materials

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Water cutting background
Waterjet processing,first appeared in the mining industry. Nowadays, this kind of machine that uses water jet as the power of cutting processing is spread all over the industry. This is the waterjet processing technology. It is gradually entering various manufacturing industries in the form of special cutting and processing, especially in the application of high, sharp and difficult technologies such as aerospace, ship, military and nuclear energy. Special tools for soft and hard use can also be used for the processing of rubber products.
Waterjet application - rubber cutting

China EAAK water jet cutting machine and cnc waterjet cutters for cutting rubber glass stone and metal materials China EAAK water jet cutting machine and cnc waterjet cutters for cutting rubber glass and stone metal materials
Waterjet machining has many advantages over the same functions of the sawing, arc cutting and laser cutting in the cutting process of the blanking. It is dust-free, smoke-free, and has no flare. During operation, the temperature on the cutting surface can be kept constant (the arc, laser cutting and hacksaw can't do this), it will not produce strong light and burn the human eye. Don't worry about fires caused by high temperatures. However, it has the power to cut a variety of workpieces and pipes of different calibers as you wish.
The waterjet's processing of rubber products can avoid heat generated by friction between the workpiece and the tool under all pressures under low pressure. In addition, the environment of rubber processing is made better by the intervention of water.
Composite water cutting:
Waterjets are also very well applied to the processing of composite materials. Whether it is ordinary composite materials or composites of soft and hard composites, such as plastics and metals, rubber and metal can be easily handled. It is also difficult to process when processing tough, high-strength carbon fiber materials, and even for disposal of abandoned bombs left in the war era. Due to the addition of water, it will not only affect the explosion of explosives, but also open up new horizons for the recovery of precious metals. This is safer and more reliable than other processing methods.
The waterjet cutting processing speed is extremely high, and the dimensional accuracy can also be achieved under the precision of the workbench equipped with the machine itself, and the processing quality is high, and no secondary processing is required. Nowadays, waterjet processing technology and equipment have made great progress, and its application covers all aspects of industrial production and people's life. EAAK waterjet currently has about 3,000 waterjet cutters in use in China, and is also exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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