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Auxiliary accessories on high pressure waterjet cutters

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The key to high-pressure waterjet cutting lies in the high-pressure state. Only with it can the water flow have the ability to cut hard objects. Of course, it is also inseparable from the combination of some accessories, so that the entire high-pressure waterjet can have so many advantages. What accessories are assembled in the high pressure water jet?
One of them is the dynamic height follower, which can automatically sense the distance between the waterjet nozzle and the material at high pressure, and automatically set a reasonable cutting position according to the cutting needs. After the parameter setting is completed, the dynamic height follower can also keep the distance between the waterjet and the material to be cut constant.
This can not only prevent the vibration of the machine during the cutting process, but also prevent the high-pressure water jet from rubbing against the surface of the material, which is not within the program setting, and damage the cutting body. If the dynamic height follower is used in combination with the collision sensor, it can also effectively sense obstacles during the cutting process, and automatically stop the waterjet cutting machine to prevent damage.
To know that the high-pressure water jet has very high requirements for water quality, it is required that the equipment must be equipped with a boiler system to effectively filter out particulate matter in the water and provide high-quality and purer water power for high-pressure water jet cutting. Because the water flow mixed with impurities will not only affect the cutting effect and reduce the cutting accuracy, but also may cause damage to the high-pressure water jet accessories and the cutting machine.
In addition, the water jet brick is another important auxiliary accessory in the high-pressure water jet, and its effect is more significant when the high-pressure water jet cuts smaller and thinner objects. The water jet brick can effectively assist the water jet nozzle to fix the position and prevent the cutting accuracy from being reduced due to the vibration of the nozzle.
Compared with other workpieces, the smaller and more precise workpiece is not conducive to fixing, it is easy to slip during cutting, and the water jet brick can stabilize it well. And eliminate the phenomenon of water splashing or water absorption generated when the high-pressure water jet is working, and promote the normal cutting.
There are many other related accessories in the high-pressure water jet, such as sand feeding system, laser edge detector, vacuum auxiliary system, sand removal system, etc., and high-precision cutting quality is closely related to them.

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