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Water softening device for waterjet cutting machine

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Water softening device for waterjet cutting machine.Does waterjet have high requirements for water quality?
Water jet cutting machine is also called water jet cutting machine, ultra-high pressure water cutting. The application in the cutting industry is already very common. For customers' concerns, does the water cutting machine require high water quality, EAAK will answer for you:
It should be said that the requirements for water quality of water cutters are quite high. Waterjet cutting water is generally ordinary tap water. In the process of selling waterjets, we will provide the option of softening water devices. Use softening water devices to remove calcium and water from the water. Magnesium ions prevent scaling. Removal of residual chlorine, thereby protecting high-pressure parts, extending service life and increasing precision. Good water quality will not only increase the life of the seal, but also extend the reliability and life of the nozzle, thereby increasing the efficiency of cutting. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a water softening device for the water cutting machine.
Water quality testing:
(1) Water quality test: In order to facilitate the understanding of water quality, water quality test reagents can be used to test the suspended solids, hardness and PH value of the feed water. It is not entirely correct that the water used by the waterjet is completely free of impurities. Because the water pressure is very high, for the sealing equipment such as pipelines, no matter how good the sealing performance is, pure water will always be worn and penetrated by them. At this time, in order to solve this problem, water cutting The water used is best to add 5% soluble emulsified oil to improve the sealing effect.
Water jet softening device
System principle of softening water device:
(2) System function: The system uses 20μm PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter and 5μm security filter in series filter group, which can not only remove the residual chlorine and suspended solids in the water, but also effectively ensure the service life of the resin. The resin used in the water softener can effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, so as to achieve the effect of softening the water. The water softener has an automatic regeneration function.
The role and purpose of water filtration:
The purpose of water filtration is mainly to remove suspended solids in water, and the method of water filtration is mainly realized by multi-stage series-connected filter devices. The filter water pump provides the initial pressure for the filter. After the three-layer filtration, there will be no suspended matter in the water quality, and then the water will enter the booster after being boosted by the booster pump. The latter stage of the filter usually needs to be equipped with a pressure difference gauge. When the filter element is blocked and the outlet pressure is insufficient, the system will automatically stop and give an alarm to remind the operator to replace the filter element in time to ensure system safety.

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