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What advantages can digital electric control bring to waterjet

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The birth of the waterjet cutting is essentially different from the lathe in that it replaces the carrier and medium of the cutting material.Small cutting tools are often controlled by humans in the direction and strength of cutting, and manual operations are often used for device materials with lower cutting requirements. However, the commercial cutting platform and operating lathe inevitably carry out more detailed operations, so what advantages can the installation and adaptation of the digital and electrical control of the CNC machine tool bring to the waterjet?
Waterjet cutting machine
1. The system is easy to master
The system is easy to master because the digital power platform of the waterjet is a computer operating system used in today’s homes and offices. Technicians transplant the operating system and adapt it to the computer for numerical control operations. Often, corporate staff who perform numerical control do not need more Time learning can master the operating ability of the system, and can adapt to this operating system on different models.
2, the operation is programmable
The operation can be changed into digital control and quantitative control of the waterjet circuit. It is reflected in the specific tool operation that the cutting path is set in advance by programming, and the point can be used as the inflection point of the path selection to perform secant. According to the planning, digital control can also control the cutting force of the cutter in different paths and time periods.
3, the path can be simulated
The path can be simulated is that after the tool is programmed with the operating line, it can travel the set cutting path in advance without spraying cutting water. It is used to check the satisfaction of the programmed cutting line and the engineering requirements, so that the technicians The path can be determined without using specific cutting materials, which is convenient for technicians to adjust for path errors that occur.
Digital electronic control can bring the advantages of easy control of the system, programmable operation and path simulation for the waterjet. After the waterjet is programmed on the electronic drawing to plan the graphic path, it can cut out the pattern materials that are regular and follow the route of the drawing. The waterjet mosaic cutting process also needs the support of the digital control platform to be in the mosaic process. Eliminate detailed errors caused by manual operation.

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