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The perfect combination of robotic and waterjet cutting

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As the mechanical arm of the grasping mechanism, as the name suggests, it is a grasping machine that can pick up, clamp, rotate, lift, and transport like a human arm. Some researchers have discovered that the robotic arm is flexible and can type like a human. It can not only extend and contract at a speed of 250mm/s, but it can also rotate 360 ​​degrees. The lifting height has reached 14 meters, and there are as many as six degrees of freedom. .
The manipulator is moved through the pre-edited program of the control system. It is generally composed of three parts: the movement system, the guiding device, and the arm. The manipulator is moved by a cylinder with a pressure range of 0.6-1.0MPa in the motion system, a rack with a stroke of up to four meters, and a cam that can drive other parts to move. This kind of gripping mechanism with a repeat positioning accuracy of 0.2mm, an arm length of 565mm, an arm offset of 75mm, a maximum carrying mass of 2kg per arm and a maximum speed of 8200mm/s, is self-evident.
When the robotic arm is combined with water cutting, it can be used as a gripping mechanism for loading and unloading materials, replacing workers to quickly and accurately process workpieces up and down, realizing automated operations; it can also become a part of the water cutting mechanism. When we need to cut some complex workpieces with angular arcs, the efficiency of water jet cutting machine is far from enough. At this time, the addition of mechanical arms is very important. We first edit the trajectory that the robotic arm needs to run in the control system, and then put the base of the robotic arm in a suitable position, add the cutting head, and use the 360-degree rotation of the robotic arm to perform omni-directional cutting. At this time, as the mechanical arm of the cutting mechanism, the cutting efficiency is improved, the convenience is improved, the reliability is guaranteed, and the labor cost is saved.
The robotic arm, whether acting as a grabbing mechanism in the water cutting operation to realize automatic operation, or a part of the waterjet cutting mechanism, is a perfect combination!

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