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Operating skills to improve waterjet processing efficiency

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Many unexpected problems may be encountered when using cnc waterjet cutter for processing, which is very time-consuming and laborious for us who lack experience.If you can master some skills, you can also make waterjet cutting processing more smooth, and its value can be fully utilized.
In fact, the waterjet cut system uses ordinary tap water. As long as the waterjet passes through the pump inlet water filter and enters the booster, it must be softened. The water jet itself is very advantageous.
When dealing with cutting materials of different thicknesses, it is necessary to equip the waterjet with different cutting heads. Tests have proved that when cutting materials with a thickness less than 2.5, the output of using medium or large cutting heads is not high. If necessary, use small parameter combinations and consider using multi-head cutting to increase production.
Because waterjet cutting has strict regulations on the size of the cutting air gap, in order to avoid cutting the air gap larger than 0.5mm, the surface is rough when cutting the lower layer; when stacking cutting, keep the sheets neatly stacked together to achieve this a little.
In order to reduce surface fogging, underwater cutting can be considered, because underwater cutting can reduce the surface or upper edge fogging caused by the sanding waterjet cutting process, and greatly reduce the noise during cutting, while making the working environment more tidy and orderly .
If you use different meshes of abrasives for different jobs, you can consider adding a small or large sand bucket, which can make the entire work process more compact and efficient.

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