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Precautions for disassembly and assembly of high pressure generator

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When the ultra-high pressure generator fails and needs to be disassembled and repaired, the following methods and principles should be followed:
1. Prepare a clean cloth and kerosene for cleaning. Air gun and working platform for drying after cleaning (Note: it must be flat and clean).
2. Clean the surface of the high-pressure generator. Then it is being disassembled.
3. Remove the high-pressure generator and place it on the platform to fix it, and then remove the problematic accessories for disposal.
4. The removed parts must be cleaned with kerosene. The most important thing is to check whether the threads are damaged. If so, use sandpaper or a whetstone stick to treat it.
5. When installing, remember to ensure that the threads are clean and free of burrs. Then, apply our company's special vinyl before installation.
6. Clean up when installing new accessories. Especially the sealing surface and the thread should be carefully inspected to clean up debris and iron burrs, and check the seal
Whether the surface and thread are intact. Then apply our company's special black glue to the thread to install it. Remember to apply black glue on the thread, this is to protect the thread
Important means.
7. If the screw cannot be screwed during the disassembly and assembly process, you can use a copper hammer to beat and vibrate, which can alleviate the force between the threads and make the disassembly more labor-saving. 

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