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How to choose a suitable water jet cutting machine?

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When we need a water jet cutting machine to cut metal,stone,glass,foam and other materials,there is a question that how to choose a suitable waterjet cutter for my needs?What factors I need to consider?
Firstly we need to confirm what kinds of material we will cut by waterjet machines?For example metal sheet,stone plate,glass panel and so on.Also we need to know what's the max. thickness of the materials we will cut.Becasue it is important to confirm the waterjet machine power and choose the suitable high pressure waterjet pump.Besides,we should know what's the size of materials we need to cut,then we can know which size of worktable is suitable for us---cantilever type or gantry type,1000mm*2000mm or 3000mm*12000mm...More,if you are in marble granite mosaic and stone tile industry,may be you need 4 axis or 5 axis waterjet cutting machine to realize the exact angle requirement of cutting edge.Certainly if you need cutting in wild or in construction site,may be portable waterjet machine is suitable to you.
For China EAAK CNC water jet cutting machine,all colors of the machine are optonal,you can choose any color what you like.And as refer to your favorite programming software(Autocaad,Coreldraw,Solidworks,ProE,UG),we can customize the control systems.There are some optional device can be choose for your actual condition---water softening equipment,auto feeding equipment,impurity filtration system and so on.
Finally and the most important,choose a trustworthy supplier,it is important for the quality assurance and after-sale tecnical support.Now waterjet cutters are already very common,you can choose cost-effective machines from China.

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