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How to solve the problem of large slope in water jet cutting?

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When we use waterjet machines to cut hard and thick materials such as stainless steel,marble,granite and so on,the cutting edge with obvious slope,it is difficult to polish for stone mosaic,especially for complex grabite mosaic,it is easy to be broken.So how can we do?

1,All the water jet are bevel during cutting.This problem is possinle in waterjet cutting works,especially in fast cutting and large nozzle wearing,then we can change new sand pipe and nozzles or set the cutting speed slower.If the problem still existm,we can try to turn the workpiece and cut again.Certainly 4 axis water jet cutting machine is more suitable for cutting the thick and hard materials,that require exact control of the distance between nozzle and workpiece.

2,We can check whether the cutting slope is parallelogram or trapezoid.If the cutting slope is parallelogram,that may be the workpiece is not flat enough,it is possible the cutting worktable is is not flat and we need to change it.If the cutting clope is trapezoid,possibly the cutting head/nozzle is too height(far away from the workpiece) or the cutting speed is too high but without enough waterjet pressure,we should adjust the oil pressure to higher and set the speed slower. 

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