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AC 5 axis waterjet cutting head

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The EK5X-AC five-axis cutting system adds an A-axis (rotation around the X-axis, ie yaw angle) based on the standard three-axis (X-axis Y-axis Z-axis). The C-axis (rotates around the Z-axis, ie rotates) Axis), can achieve large angle yaw, the maximum yaw angle can reach 75 °, Z-axis stroke is equivalent to the standard waterjet. At present, the five-axis system popular in the international market is AC five-axis.
5 axis water jet cutting machine,cnc waterjet cutter,china waterjet machine
. Unique high-pressure pipeline built-in design, innovative breakthrough, the head movement is free of obstacles, the maximum yaw angle can reach 75°
The imported high-precision servo motor and reducer replace the costly hollow core motor, reduce the volume, reduce the motor power and save energy.
The original rotary joint design makes it easy to replace the parts, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.
The operating software post processing is compatible with the European IGEMS CAM software, enabling simultaneous 2D and 3D cutting .
The exterior is industrially designed and highly technical. The overall shape of the cutter head is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It is light in weight and high in strength. It does not increase the load on the X-axis aluminum beam and has high cutting precision.
The fixed rotary joint and the high-pressure pipe support structure ensure that the rotary joint is stably rotated by the shaft center to prolong the service life.
eaak ac 5axis water jet cutting machine head for cutting stone marble granite

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