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Hydraulic lifting waterjet worktable

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Hydraulic lifting waterjet worktable
Feature of Hydraulic lifting waterjet worktable for  stone cutting Feature of Hydraulic lifting water jet  platform for glass cutting
The floor-standing feeding flip platform is specially designed for large stone cutting. This platform adopts the latest flip structure design, in which the maximum flip angle of the platform is 85 degrees, the feeding height is only 100 mm from the ground, the maximum load is 1000 kg, and many designs such as hydraulic lifting are the most suitable for stone cutting. The situation that required the feeding of several people was changed. At present, only one person can complete the whole feeding process. Simple, convenient, and greatly reduce the labor cost while minimizing the stone breakage rate. The structure of this cutting platform is the first to be used in the field of water cutting machines. Once the product has been used, it has been highly praised by the majority of stone processing users. The flip platform is specifically designed to solve the handling problems of large glass after processing. This platform can cut glass up to 4000 mm, the platform load is 1000 kg, the maximum angle of rotation is 85 degrees, and the hydraulic lifting method is adopted. After the glass is cut on the ordinary water cutter platform, especially after cutting a large number of irregular holes on the glass, the breakage rate of the glass during the process of glass uplifting is quite high, which is the most popular in the market. The cutting of tempered glass countertops is most obvious. Under the unanimous recommendation of the customers of glass deep processing, the glass cutting and turning platform has finally been successfully designed. At present, many problems have been solved for domestic and foreign glass deep processing customers, and the equipment has been well received by users.
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