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Abrasive of water jet cutting-garnet sand

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There are two types of water cutting technology, one is pure water cutting, and the other is to rely on the corresponding abrasive to achieve the cutting purpose. In contrast, the latter is more cumbersome because there is more abrasive selection.

Waterjet sand, the full name is water jet cutting abrasive, mixed with waterjet sand into the water jet, forming abrasive jet cutting metal or other materials, the cutting thickness sometimes exceeds 150mm. Typically, silica, alumina or garnet having a particle size of 30-150 mesh is used as the abrasive, with 80-100 mesh garnet being most commonly used.(Garnet, chemical name aluminum (calcium) silicate, is a small brownish red sand-like particle with slightly black impurities and a small amount of floating dust.)

There are many types of abrasives that can be used for waterjet cutting, and one of them is focused on garnet sand.
At present, garnet sand has become the most economical and ideal one for water-cut abrasives. Because it is refined from garnet, it has self-sharpness, high grinding efficiency, low sand consumption and grinding. With good finish and so on, it can also form new edges and edges in the continuous crushing and grading. In all respects, garnet sand is superior to other abrasives in its ability to grind and is therefore widely used in water cutting.In the market, the garnet sand used for water cutting mainly has 60 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh, and there are also different origins.

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