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Effect of nozzle diameter on water cutter

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In addition to pressure and speed, which can affect the speed of the waterjet, an important factor is the diameter of the nozzle. It can be said that the influence of these three factors on the waterjet cannot be ignored, and they directly affect the working efficiency. So in order for us to make better use of high-performance water cutting tools, let us know how much the nozzle diameter has.
Although both the cutting speed and the depth increase as the nozzle outlet diameter decreases, the nozzle diameter is reduced with a constant pressure, and the jet will be atomized close to the nozzle due to air entrapment, causing it to lose cutting. ability. However, as the diameter of the nozzle increases (0.1 mm to 0.4 mm), the depth of cut decreases. The diameter of the nozzle for cutting is recommended to be within 0.1~0.3mm. In addition, factors affecting the waterjet cutter, although the cutting speed and the cutting depth are reduced as the diameter of the nozzle increases, the slit width is increased, that is, the amount of damage per unit time is increased. Under the same pressure conditions, compared with the quality of the material cut by the 0.1 mm and 0.4 mm nozzles, it was found that as the nozzle diameter increased, the slit became wider, the chip size became larger, and the slit quality (roughness) Also significantly worse. It can be considered that the amount of material breakage increases as the jet power increases, and this total energy relationship does not change. Although the jet pressure and the increase in the diameter of the nozzle increase the power of the water jet, the effect is quite different. The former significantly increases the cutting speed and cutting depth, the latter only increases the amount of material breakage, while the cutting speed and cutting depth decrease. However, due to the increase in the diameter of the nozzle, the contact area of ​​the water jet acting on the material to be processed is increased, thereby increasing the fracture resistance of the material, resulting in a decrease in the cutting speed and the cutting depth. Therefore, when the jet is used for cutting operations, increasing the jet pressure is an effective way to improve work efficiency. However, in the case of jet cleaning and rust stripping, it is almost impossible to consider the cutting depth factor, and more importantly, the jet action area factor. Therefore, when the jet pressure reaches the cleaning requirement, the nozzle diameter is increased to improve the operation speed ​​is more effective.

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