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How to maintain the waterjet cutting machine

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Daily maintenanc:
Relevant personnel should clean the machine every day after the equipment is finished, so that the machine and guide rails are kept clean; pay attention to whether the power supply and air supply are closed; if there is any residual gas in the pipe of the cutting machine, it should be drained; If the machine is not used for a long time, please turn off the power in time; also pay attention to the degree of lubrication of the horizontal and vertical rails and the surface of the rack.
Weekly maintenance:
In fact, they are all similar. If there is an abnormal situation in the horizontal and vertical wiper of the waterjet cutter, it should be replaced in a new one; the torch is loose, the garbage at the ignition gun and the automatic height adjustment device are all The place of concern.
Monthly maintenance:
It is to summarize the daily and weekly maintenance work of the waterjet cutting machine, and carry out a complete inspection of the entire equipment, and cannot spare each component.
1. The waterjet cutting machinery is familiar with the water flow from the nozzle. The water flow was turned on at low pressure for observation. The water flow should be symmetrical and its width depends on the type of nozzle used. The flow of ruby ​​and sapphire nozzles is slightly wider; the flow of diamond nozzles is narrower and more consistent. If the water flow begins to widen, the nozzle is damaged and should be replaced immediately. Damaged nozzles (or misplaced pipes) can cause internal damage to the cutting head.
2. Regularly inspect the cutting head for signs of wear or damage (often caused by accidental contact with parts or clamps). For example, accidental contact of the mixing tube with the clamp can damage the nozzle nut and internal parts that keep the mixing tube aligned.
3. Check the system and keep it in optimal operation to make the waterjet cutting operation more efficient and extend the life of its components. Regularly inspect and replace consumable parts of the sand transport system, such as pipes and fittings. Ensure that no parts of the sand transport system below the bottom of the micro hopper are exposed to air. To perform this inspection, disconnect the sand transfer line from the fitting at the bottom of the micro hopper, manually open the jet and attach the thumb to one end of the sand transfer line. You will feel that there is sufficient (but not excessive) vacuum, which may cause the thumb tip to sag. Insufficient vacuum may indicate that the cutting head inlet is blocked, or that the sand transfer line has cracks that must be addressed to maximize system efficiency.

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