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Is the waterjet suitable for cutting steel pipes and steel bars?

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Many customers have asked questions about whether waterjet machine are suitable for cutting steel pipes or steel bars. But most customers don't know much about waterjets. They don't understand why the watercutting process is not necessarily suitable for cutting steel pipes or steel bars.
Here, the meaning of "suitable” is nothing more than two aspects: economics and process adaptability.
First talk about process adaptability. Except for small diameter steel pipes (not more than 50mm) or steel bars (not more than 100mm), cutting with water jet, steel pipes or steel bars must be evenly rotated to cut. Moreover, in order not to damage the inner wall of the steel pipe, other measures are taken. Cutting steel bars must also be linked in three axes. This determines that such a water cutter is more complicated.
Let's talk about economy. In addition to the above-mentioned water cutting machine, because the complexity determines its cost and price is not low, the cutting cost per unit of processing tasks, the waterjet is necessarily second highest even if it is not the highest. Moreover, the cutting speed must not be the highest. Therefore, it is a big mistake to choose a waterjet machine from the point of reducing costs or pursuing speed.
In summary, cutting steel pipe or steel bar, the selection order of several water cutting machines should be: disk cutting machine, flame / plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water jet cutting machine.
To put it another way, if you want to avoid deformation when the steel pipe is cut, or if the burrs and slag generated by other cutting machines are difficult to clean, or the cutting accuracy is too low, you should consider using a water jet cutting machine.

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