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How much noise when waterjet cutter working?

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The working medium used for waterjet cutting is water, so the cutting effect is very different from other methods, but one thing is the same, that is, there will be noise when cutting. So everyone knows how big this noise is?
During the water jet cutting process, noise products are unavoidable. Under normal circumstances, this cutting noise is 80-85dB. Practice has found that the noise and the distance between the sand tube and the workpiece have a certain relationship. The greater the distance between the water tube and the cutting workpiece, the greater the noise. Therefore, for safety reasons, operators must wear relevant protective devices.
In addition, the purity of the waterjet sand, the quality of the water, the thickness of the cutting material, and the quality of the stone itself will have an effect on the cutting effect. In order to achieve the expected efficiency and quality under the premise of safety, the above aspects must be taken seriously.

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