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The difference between supercharged oil pump and direct drive pump

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The direct drive pump, also known as the three-cylinder pump, as the name implies, directly drives the crankshaft with three pistons to rotate, resulting in super high water pressure. The design of the direct drive pump originated in the United States, gradually matured and occupied a significant weight in the water cutting industry. More than 20% of the waterjets in the market use direct drive.
The supercharged oil pump is driven by oil pressure to form a larger pressure. The oil pump is formed by ultra-high pressure. Therefore, the fittings are generally made of hard metal, and the failure rate is relatively low in use. The waterjet of the supercharged oil pump is the most widely used waterjet booster type.
In terms of pressure, the pressure of the booster pump is generally higher than that of the direct drive pump, so it can cut a thicker metal material and use a wider surface. Although the water jet of the direct drive pump cannot form such a high pressure, but in the tile More cost-saving in cutting, food, and cleaning operations.
In terms of cost, the water jet of the booster oil pump will need more consumption. The ultra-high pressure operation requires about 30 degrees of electricity per hour. The photoelectric cost is also very large in the month, and the direct drive pump is very economical, every hour. About ten degrees of electricity, only one-third of the cost of pressurized hydraulics. In addition to the cost of the equipment, the hydraulic pressure is much higher than the cost of the direct drive pump equipment.
In terms of quality, direct-drive pumps are generally not used for ultra-high pressure operation, so the fitting materials will be mixed with plastics, while the supercharged oil pumps are more demanding on metal materials, so the failure rate booster oil pump is much lower than the direct drive pump water jet cutting machine.
Direct drive pumps or supercharged waterjets have their own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, no matter what type of waterjet, the first is to meet their own operations, the ultra-high pressure selects the pressurized stable operation, and the medium and low pressure uses the direct drive pump to save costs.

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