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What machine is good at cutting glass?

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Glass is hard material and very easy to be broken during cutting,we can not cut it by cnc knife.And glass is also not suitable to cut by laser & plasma which are more suitable to cut metal materials.So currently cnc water jet cutting machine is the most suitable machine for glass cnc cutting.
CNC waterjet cutter is equipped with ultra high pressure pump and output high pressure water jet to cut all hard materials such as glass,ceramic,marble,granite,stone,stainless steel,aluminum and so on.It is controlled by high precision cnc system and compatible with cnc software such as autoCAD,servo motor driving system guarantee the high cutting accuracy and high cutting speed.Compare with plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine.waterjet machine is with more applications and feature of cold-cutting which will not burn the edge of workpiece.So as we all know water jet machinery can be used to cut abandoned bomb.
As the developing of waterjet cutting technology,there are many new intelligent function on cnc water jet cutter such as 5 axis cutting system,robot cutting head,auto loading/unloading worktable.These functions are already widely used in glass cutting industry.
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