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Big difference between sand cutting and pure water cutting

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Sandless waterjet is a method of cutting directly with water. Sandless waterjet cutting is beginning to be used commercially for cutting corrugated cardboard. A large number of users apply abrasive-free waterjets to cut paper diapers, tissue paper, and automotive interiors. When cutting tissue paper or paper diapers, the small amount of water vapor produced by sandless waterjet cutting is much less than that caused by human contact or breathing. The unplanned downtime caused by the general non-waterjet cutting process causes a large amount of economic loss for paper diaper or tissue paper producers. Waterjet equipment can provide all-day, all-week and year-round safe use for the above industrial applications, and maintenance operations can be arranged into production.
Sandless waterjet cutting head:
In the water jet cutting process, the material cutting process can be described as a supersonic etching process. It is not because of the pressure, but because of the speed of the water jet itself that the fine parts and particles on the material can be removed. Pressure and speed are two different forms of energy. So how does water pressure transform into an energy source like water speed? The answer lies in a small piece of gemstone. The high-pressure water flow changes the pressure into speed as it passes through the hole of the gemstone. For standard cutting operations, the calibre range of the gemless waterjet is 0.1-0.25mm.
There are usually three different types of gemstone nozzles (sapphire, ruby, and diamond). Each material has its own unique properties. Sapphire is a commonly used gem nozzle material. It is a man-made single crystal gem material. The water jet produced by the sapphire nozzle has better quality. If it is used with better water quality, its service life can reach 50 to 100 working hours. In the application of waterjet with sand, the service life of sapphire nozzle is about 1/2 less than that of waterjet without sand. The ruby ​​nozzle can also be used in sand-containing waterjet operations. The water jet characteristics produced by it are very suitable for sand-containing waterjets, but not very suitable for sand-free waterjets.(转自 大地水刀www.dard

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