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Mini cnc water jet cutter 5050

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EAAK mini waterjet cutting machine (model:EK5050
t is mainly used for cutting and processing parts of various materials, and can cut any plane curve.  Suitable for processing various metal materials, non-metal materials and composite materials, such as: steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate, copper plate, stone material, glass, ceramics, rubber, alloy steel, carbon structural steel, plastic, etc. Any material except tempered glass.
water jet cutting machine,mini waterjet cutter,cnc water cutting machine
china mini water jet cutting,small cnc waterjet cutter,water cutting machine
Equipment composition:
The equipment is mainly composed of a high-pressure generator, a numerical control system, a cutting platform, a high-pressure water switch, a cutting head, a high-pressure pipeline, and a sand valve.  The whole set of equipment conforms to the quality standard, the structure design is reasonable, compact, and the appearance is beautiful; it is convenient to use, operate and maintain, and the operating cost is low.
High voltage generator
Switch control and emergency stop; second-layer filtration to 0.45 microns; 320MPA design pressure; manual pressure control; safety protection measures; pure water and sand cutting; motor Inovance servo motor;
Rated power  15kw
Working pressure  320Mpa
Continuous pressure  280Mpa
Maximum nozzle diameter  0.25mm
Maximum flow 3.6 L/min
Maximum noise level  60 dB(A)
Ambient temperature  5-40 ℃ 
Voltage 380V/50Hz A 100
Cantilever type CNC platform
The water jet cutting machine with the cantilever structure of the working platform (water tank) is the most stable structure. During processing, the X, Y, and Z axes move mechanically, and the worktable is fixed. The working platform and the machine tool adopt integral design.  The inside of the workbench adopts 304 stainless steel water tank, and the long-term force change of the workbench will not affect the precision of the machine tool, so as to ensure the smooth operation and precision of the machine tool.  Independent slat design, stable and durable structure, can be loaded and unloaded at will, and easy to be partially updated. At the same time, the surface of the grille is processed by a milling machine, and the accuracy of the reference plane is high.  The plexiglass protective cover prevents water and sand from splashing outside during the cutting process, reducing noise.  Special tooling is installed around the grid strip to strengthen the cutting workpiece and avoid shaking during the cutting process.  Small footprint, covering an area of 2 square meters, convenient for laboratory use, stable and easy to maintain.  The equipment is equipped with anti-vibration adjustable machine cushions, which do not need to lay foundations or damage the ground on site.
Detailed technical parameters
CNC workbench size 500*500mm
X-axis stroke 500mm
Y-axis stroke 500mm
Z axis stroke 110mm (manual)
Straight-line slide rail manufacturer  Taiwan Hiwin
Screw rod manufacturer  Taiwan Hiwin Grinding Screw Rod
Electrical switches  Schneider, Siemens
Repetitive positioning accuracy +0.025mm
Control accuracy +0.02mm
Cutting accuracy +0.1-0.2mm is related to cutting speed and material
Booster main motor  Inovance servo motor
Three plunger high-pressure pump independently  Developed by EAAK
Maximum displacement  3.6 L/min
Maximum usable nozzle diameter  0.25 or 0.3mm
Maximum usable sand nozzle diameter
0.8 or 1.0mm
The Z-axis mounting plate is easy to replace, with two pieces;
The maximum running speed of X-axis 0-5000mm/min
The maximum running speed of Y axis 0-5000mm/min
Cutting accuracy +0.1-0.2mm
Control accuracy +0.02mm
Repeat positioning accuracy +0.025mm
Overtravel limit protection function
100mm*100mm*10mm workpiece is convenient;
Size 1.4m*1.3m*1.5m
Weight:  750kgs
Mini CNC waterjet cutting machine control system
21 inch LCD display;
Shanghai Weihong Professional Water Knife Cutting Software;
Supports start, breakpoint continue, and handwheel guidance functions;
Graphics simulation and simulation processing functions;
Return function along the original trajectory;
Reverse cutting function;
Display/rotation/mirror cutting;
Display/rotation/mirror cutting;
Metric/English conversion function;
Cutting gap compensation function;
The sequence and time interval of opening/closing valves can be set;
Servo motor and drive: Shanghai Weihong;
Electrical appliances: Schneider, Siemens;
Cross axis compensation function: also known as bidirectional pitch compensation function;
Par.dat parameter backup function: Safe and simple, only saving files is required to save the parameters of the entire machine tool;
Dedicated water cutting page: containing relevant settings such as logs and cutting process parameters;
Database function: allows users to directly use and edit relevant cutting processes (such as setting correct acceleration, cutting parameters, and perforation parameters);
Cutting trajectory graphic display function: The cutting trajectory changes color dynamically and can zoom in and out of the processing graphics in real-time, making it easy to observe large workpiece processing programs;
G0, G1, G2, and G3 trajectories are distinguished by different colors, making it easy for programmers to check machining programs;
Multiplication adjustment function: During the machining process, the feed rate can be switched in real-time;
Original trajectory return function: During the machining process, it is possible to perform backtracking and turning back;
Docking axis function: convenient for maintenance and repair during the cutting process;
Breakpoint memory function: providing breakpoint memory rollback function for complex paths;
Speed adjustment function: can set any manual speed to meet the requirements of knife setting and other related requirements;
Enable correction function: perform internal calculations on the program without moving the axis, avoiding alarms such as exceeding the limit halfway through the machining process;
Trial operation function: can use the set trial operation speed to ignore the processing of M instructions;
Workpiece origin function: The workpiece origin is the origin of the workpiece coordinate system, which is a reference point for workpiece tool path programming. For workstations with multiple workstations, multiple workpiece origins can be established separately;
Board origin function: can directly extract the board processing origin and rotation coordinate axis to match the processing coordinates of the board;
Any point cutting function: You can restart cutting from any point in the path;
Fault diagnosis function: The fault diagnosis screen is convenient for troubleshooting system faults;
Automatic adjustment function of corner speed: Through special speed processing method, deceleration and acceleration are carried out within a certain distance before and after the corner to achieve high corner quality;

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