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Desktop 6060 cnc waterjet cutter

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The structure design of the whole set of equipment is reasonable,compact and beautiful in appearance; the world's advanced and mature technology and configuration system are adopted to ensure the equipment has good and stable accuracy. It has very high stability and is suitable for continuous production and processing.
Model  EK6060
X Y axis Working size  600mm*600mm
Z working height 150mm
Max Pressure 420Mpa 37kw UHP pump
Control accuracy 0.01mm
Cutting accuracy 0.1-0.2mm
CAD/CAM software AutoCAD,ArtCAM
Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Max cutting thickness 100mm(depends on materials)
Max. moving speed 5000mm/min
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Environmental temperature -10-50°C
Control system Ncstudio (Shanghai) software IPC  controller
Drive motor Japan Yaskawa servo drive motor
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water jet cutting machine,cnc waterjet cutter,desktop cnc machine waterjet cutting machine,cnc waterjet cutter,cnc water jet machine
Advantage of machine structure:
1 The closed gantry structure, the cross beam is made of one-time extruded aluminum alloy material, light weight, which helps to reduce the wear on the screw rod and the guide rail, and it is more conducive to maintaining the cutting accuracy for a long time. Beautiful appearance, reasonable structural design, good rigidity and stability, uniform force, smooth, accurate and safe operation.
2 The machine bed adopts a closed structure to prevent water mist and dust from splashing and scattering. It is suitable for dust-free workshops.
3 The X-beam of the cutting platform is made of one-time extruded aluminum alloy material, which is light in weight, strong in rigidity, and not deformed. Is the most advanced technology in water cutting.
4 The X, Y, and Z axes are all dust-free, and the Y-axis towline adopts a built-in structure. This structure can greatly improve the service life of the machine and reduce the use and subsequent maintenance costs. Adopting the most popular design concept in the world is the development direction of water cutting machine. Using high-quality support chain and special cable, durable and high reliability.
5 The connection between the driving motor and the ball screw is directly connected with an elastic coupling. Compared with other torsional rigid couplings, it has the advantages of absorbing vibrations in the forward and reverse directions and higher transmission accuracy.
6 Over-travel automatic limit and soft limit double protection function.
7 Install a protective cover with good protective performance so that the sand and water splashing during the cutting process cannot attack the lead screw and the guide rail.
8 The main structural parts of the Y-direction bed are made of cast structure and concrete structure. After aging treatment of metal parts, they are processed by gantry planer and guide rail grinding to eliminate trace deformation and maintain mechanical accuracy for a long time.

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