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3020 Enhanced waterjet metal cutter

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EAAK Enhanced waterjet cutting machine EK3020H applications:
The cutting materials are not limited (such as stainless steel,carbon steel,copper,brass,aluminum and other metal,glass,stone,marble,granite,foam,ceramics,plastics,composite materials.), waterjet cutting is currently the most applicable cutting method;
Metal cutting:
1 Decoration of stainless steel,aluminum.iron,brass and other metal cutting process.
2 Manufacture of machinery and equipment control cabinets such as food machinery,medical machinery,CNC machinery.
3 The metal parts cutting such as stainlesssteel flange,semi-finished,steel construction, non-ferrous metal and so on.
Glass cutting:
1 Gas stove surfaces, range hood,disinfecting cabinet, TV, bathroom products.
2 Construction and decoration glass,automotive glass.
Ceramic and stone cutting:
1 Ceramic cutting for decoration and construction.
2 Marble mosaic,granite mosaicmstone plate cutting.
Specification of EAAK CNC waterjet cutter machinery:(as follows)
Model  EK3020H
X Y axis Working size 3000mm*2000mm
Z working height 150mm
Cutting Pressure 420Mpa 37kw UHP pump
Control accuracy 0.01mm
Cutting accuracy 0.1-0.2mm
Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Max cutting thickness 300mm(depends on materials)
Max. moving speed 6000mm/min
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Environmental temperature -10-50°C
Max flow rate 3.7L/min
Max oil discharge 206L/min
Max delivery capacity of oil pump 106L/min
Control system Ncstudio (Shanghai) software IPC controller
CAD/CAM software AutoCAD,ArtCAM
Drive motor Japan Yaskawa servo drive motor
Feature of gantry structure water jet cutting worktable:
1 Gantry structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure design, with good rigidity and stability, even by force.Smooth operation, accurate and safe.
2 Machine bed and the load-bearing platform sub-structure, load-bearing platform will not affect the long-term stress changes in machine tool accuracy,NC sports institutions and support the workpiece table for sub-structure, to put an end to the cutting process due to water flowing in the right Degrees of movement.
3 Cutting platform X beam (gantry) using disposable aluminum extrusion.Gold material, light weight, steel is strong, and without deformation. Is water cutting machine.The most advanced technology.
4 The X, Y, Z three-axis are canceled dust folding, the Y-axis towline Built-in Results Structure, such structure can significantly improve the service life of the machine to reduce the use and maintenance cost. The countries that adopted.The occasion of the most popular design concept, the direction of development of water jet cutting machine. High quality care chain and a dedicated cable, the Durable, and high reliability.
5 Drive motor and ball screw connected by a flexible coupling directly connected, rather thanIt torsionally rigid coupling, compared with the advantages of Reversible absorb vibration, transmission,Higher accuracy.
6 International brand of high quality ball screw, linear motion guide drive mechanism to ensure that the velocity of the cutting headAnd accuracy of 3m above itinerary using turn Nut transmission. Long distance transmission more reliable over-travel automatically limit.Dual protection function and the soft limit.
7 Y to the bed structure castings and concrete structures,Metal part of the aging treatment by gantry planing, rail grinding, consumerIn addition to the micro-deformation, long to maintain the mechanical precision.
Materials     Thickness    Cutting speed (mm/min) JUST FOR REFERENCE
380Mpa 420Mpa 600Mpa
Normal glass cutting 6 mm 1400-1500 2100-2250 2520-2700
8 mm 690-800 1035-1200 1242-1440
19mm 400-500 600-750 950-1150
Granite panel cutting 20mm 260-300 390-450 468-540
30mm 170-200 255-300 306-360
Porcelain tile cutting 10mm 900-1000 1350-1500 1620-1800
Marble panel cutting 10mm 600-900 900-1350 1080-1620
20mm 350-400 526-600 630-720
30mm 260-300 390-450 468-540
Laminating glass cutting 21mm 490-600 735-900 882-1080
Sponge and foam cutting 20mm    6000-7000       9000-10500       10800-12600   
50mm 2600-3000 3900-4500 4680-5400
80mm 1600-2000 2400-3000 2880-3600
Steel plate cutting 10mm 170-220 255-330 306-396
20mm 75-100 113-150 135-180
30mm 15-30 22-45 27-54
Stainless steel plate cutting 1 mm 1000-1200 1500-1800 1800-2160
3 mm 500-600 750-900 900-1080
6 mm 240-300 360-450 432-540
10mm 150-180 225-270 270-324
16mm 85-100 128-150 153-180
20mm 70-80 105-120 126-144
30mm 30-40 45-60 54-72
Copper plate cutting 3 mm 1350-1500 2025-2250 2430-2700
5 mm 700-850 1050-1275 1260-1530
20mm 160-200 240-300 288-360
30mm 100-120 150-180 180-216
Titanium alloy cutting 13mm 100-115 150-173 180-207

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