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Waterjet cutting machine advantage in the glass cutting industry

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Waterjet cutting machine advantage in the glass cutting industry
Waterjet machine has been applied in many fields, then waterjet cutting glass for what advantage?
1, It is a cold water jet cutting process, the cutting process does not generate heat, so as not to allow the cutting of glass caused by heat deformation and discoloration.
2, waterjet cutting tiny gap, about 1mm, cutting surface smooth, sleek, without conducting secondary processing.
3, water jet cutting ability is very strong, and when cut with garnet sand, glass thickness can be cut up to 200mm.
4, for the machining plane, the composition of the water jet capability is very good, precise, diverse cutting out anything you want graphics.
5, the water jet cutting process, the force of the water jet is compressed to about 1mm, not the material surrounding the cutting excessive impact.
6, the use of water jet cutting, the workpiece is very simple to install, simply cutting the workpiece can be placed on the cutting platform, without excessive red tape fixed.

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